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Beijing housing loan process and related materials

Bank home mortgage loans the information required:

1. valid ID cards, co-owner of the borrower;

2. marital status unmarried provide unmarried requirements permit, divorce required certificate of court civil mediation or divorce certificate (specify did not remarry after divorce);

3. the married spouse is required a valid identity card, residence booklet and marriage certificate;

4. proof of income of the borrower (half a year's salary certificate or certificates of tax payments in a row local);

5. housing title certificate;

6. guarantor (need to provide ID card, residence booklet, open (not), marriage licenses, and so on).

Bank home mortgage loan process:

1. loan application to the Bank;

2. the Bank accepted, to assess the value of the mortgaged property, according to the estimate approved loan amount;

3. sign borrowing contract;

4. apply for mortgage registration;

5. bank lenders.

Bao loan, investment loan advisers reminding:

1. must have collateral to loans, and the loan amount and loan interest cannot exceed the collateral valuation during 1/2;

2. long-term and stable sources of revenue sufficient to pay the monthly principal and interest;

3. loan an lawyer witness fee, mortgage registration fees, mortgage insurance, property assessment, etc; 5. generally loans up to 1 month or so.


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