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Beijing mortgage mortgage loan processing process again

Beijing mortgage second mortgage is already in Bank borrower of personal housing mortgage loan, change banks regain a bank loan mortgage.

some clients may ask again for mortgage loans is mortgage House?, of course, a House loan quota to the General 60%-80% of the housing value (and qualification of loan purpose, borrower, loan products and so on), if the mortgage balance you owe less operational space, you can once again apply for loans in Beijing. 20%-30% left in the such as mortgage, while 40%-50% loan space.

mortgage room again loan--property mortgage loan of bid conditions:

1, and has legal effective of identity proved, age for 18-65 age of China citizens;

2, and has due of career, and stable of income,, has regular full reimbursement loan principal and interest of capacity, credit records good;

3, and agreed to personal name of property and interests set mortgage, as loan issued conditions; 4, and has legal due of financing uses.

Beijing loan--mortgage room mortgage loan by needed of based information:

1, and real estate card, mortgage real ownership proved file;

2, and applicants and the spouse ID, and account this, and marriage status proved;

3, and applicants and the spouse income proved;

4, and borrowing uses of related proved;

5, and Bank requirements provides of other related information.

the steps for mortgage loan mortgage loans:

1. provide information; 2. evaluation of real estate; 3. Bank auditing information and handle the relevant procedures, 4. foreclosure property and custody 5. mortgage registration 6. start repayment.

Bao reminded, investment and loans: the interest rate for loans over the peoples Bank business loan interest rates or float, term of the loan within a year, you can choose monthly or quarterly interest, due a one-off debt-repayment; loans for more than one year, may choose monthly principal and interest or principal payments.


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