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Bid for personal housing mortgage loan repayment options

in Beijing, the housing mortgage bank loans are the most common mortgage loans. In housing mortgage loans, the interest rates on bank loans must understand clearly, that related to the lender's loan. Personal mortgage loan is an important part of Beijing loan, home mortgage rates tend to be higher than the benchmark interest rate, banks float is different, is the most common benchmark interest rate floating 10~30%.

most of the lines slightly higher consumption loans and working capital loans require mortgage, apply for mortgage loans is one of the borrowers who are most concerned about. First of all need to understand is that bank lending rates is generally not fixed, with borrowers ' qualifications and conditions of the Bank had a close, different interest rates on bank loans will be different for different qualified borrowers with a bank loan interest rates may vary. Therefore, here we only analyze mortgage lending rates are common in Beijing.

examples of that below we come as Beijing House mortgage loan interest to be paid at the rates, in order to better understand it. If Chen wants to mortgage housing loans of 200,000 in Beijing, the five-year return, or pay interest? in equal principal ways, the latest benchmark interest rate floating 10% (or 7.2%) count, the first monthly 200000*7.2%/12=1200, interest is payable in the first month, payment of principal 200000/60=3333.33, principal and interest payments for the first month of 1200+3333.33=4533.33 Yuan. Similarly, the second month, interest paid amounted to 196666.67*7.2%/12=1180 Yuan, principal matching 3333.33, the second monthly principal and interest payment is 1180+3333.33=4513.33, and so on.

mortgage term is usually within the 10-year, mostly in the short and medium term. Calculate the cost of mortgage loans in Beijing, in addition to the interest rate, and repayment also has much to do. Matching equivalent amount in principal, interest, and other income, such as a one-time repayment, different repayment of loan interest is different. Typically short term loan one-off repayment or one-time debt installment payments, mainly medium-and long-term loans or in monthly instalments.


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