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Analysis of the difference between mortgage loans and mortgages

in Beijing, the loan to buy a House there are friends, friends often consult with loan needs Bao loan, investment loan consultant: mortgage loans and mortgage-what is the difference? Mortgage loans and mortgage legal and operational and which do not? Bao loan, investment loan consultants today to help you analyze the differences between these two modes of loans.

the mortgage and the difference between mortgage

mortgage said simply, is that buyers (mortgage) Bank (mortgagee) way to borrow money.

mortgage interest paid, buyers (the mortgagor) according to the contract after the contract to the Bank to pay off principal and interest, mortgage of land use permits and house ownership. This means that homeowners pay off the loan before you buy, in fact do not really have purchased ownership of the House. If the default does not repay the loan, the banks can be dealt with according to law.

uses of mortgage loans is actually buying a House by instalments to take ownership of the purchased real estate.

it to homebuyers has two meanings: the

first House in installments within the prescribed time limit;

second installment stage, ownership of the House was, until paid in full in order to expose (fetching). In addition, mortgage sales comes to third-party debt which the mortgagor (buyer), developers (sellers), mortgage rights (usually a Bank) relationship of the three.

loan consultant summary: mortgages and mortgages is completely different, it is a general international product sales. But to hold down home ownership guarantee debts (payments and regular payments), became the same characteristics of mortgage and mortgage.


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