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Bank prepayment of mortgage loan analysis

housing loans in Beijing for buyers to choose the loans and mortgage loans. Mortgages in Beijing is aimed at buyers who have enough money to buy needed housing, whether prepayment is selected, however, will have to balance other investment channels and returns the difference between the interest on loans. Bao loan consultant, investment and credit analysis for you today four loans without prepayment.

loan consultant analysis: four groups do not have to repay in advance

, select equal principal repayment, repayment period of more than one-third people, more start that equal principal or principal has been keeping large amounts of capital out of left interest on small loans will not be too many.

Second, equal repayments to homebuyers in the medium term, because it has repaid most of the interest.

three late, preparing people to lend to banks, because mortgage rates are much lower than other loan rates.

four, the balance of the money rate of return higher than the mortgage rate.

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